Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiesto - Fresh Fruit

Another good song from his newer albulm.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Scooter - Soul Train

Got my computer back up an running! You should be expecting regular updates now! :0)

Happy Trance!

*Updated video 12/09/10*

Friday, December 11, 2009

Three Drives - Greece 2000

Another classic Trance song for you to enjoy!

*Updated video 12/09/10*

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ATB - Ecstasy

Great song by ATB from 1995 I believe. Computer is still down, so updates will remain slow... :0(

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cosmic Gate - Exploration of Space

My computer went down recently and is still down. I will continue to try to post at least once a week going forward until I can get a PC back up and running. :0(

Friday, October 16, 2009

Armin van Buuren vs Rank 1 - This World Is Watching Me (feat. Kush)

A very good live performance! I was surprised to see the woman sing. She might be lip sinking though. :0x

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jackson & Perry - Calling to the Hopefull (Mathya Tokyo night remix)

Very nice chill song. Just sit down or lay down and relax.....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adam K & Soha (Radio Dub) - Kaskade 4am

I usually don't like radio dubs/versions, but I couldn't find any full songs on youtube. They were all mixed by people. So here ya go! It's a great short song.

*Updated video 12/09/10*

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tiesto Featuring Tegan & Sara - Feel It In My Bones

Tiesto just released this one and I've got to admit.. It's pretty hot. A LITTLE mainstream, but it sounds great!!! Enjoy.

Monday, October 5, 2009

DJ Jean - Launch

DJ Jean - The Launch


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Paul Van Dyk - Another Way

A classic Paul Van Dyk song! Nice beat and it's a great one to play again and again.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lovechild - Liberta (Moonman Remix)

Great song with a nice singer.

*Updated video 12/09/10*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Robert Miles - Fable (Dream Version)

*Update 12/9/10* added working video

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Above & Beyond - World On Fire (Maor Levi Remix)

This is Trance at it's best. A newer song then the others I've been posting about. It's truely a good Trance song. I'm suprised I like it so much.

Anyways, enjoy.

*Updated video 12/09/10*

Monday, September 14, 2009

Benny Benassi - Who's Your Daddy

Not quite Trance, but still very good! Definitely a Benassi favorite.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cool little minigame...


I wish I could embed it, but I can't. So it's simple. All you have to do is drag the red box around and avoid touching the walls and blue boxes. Stay within the white! Sounds easy enough, right? Good luck. I bet you won't last 5 seconds on your very first try.

My best time was 20.998.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4 Strings - Take Me Away

Take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miss Jane - It's a Fine Day (ATB Remix)

It's a fine day? People up in windows? They leave their houses? Just for a short while?

Not sure what to say about this one.. It's another classic! :0P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ATB - Don't Stop (HD)

I got another older Trance song for ya! Don't stop by ATB. It's another one of those 90s songs that really blew up and helped ATB become popular! Enjoy!

Monday, August 31, 2009

ATB - 9 PM

This was the first song that ever got me into Trance music. It still brings back memories... When I used to live with my mom at this apartment that was right across the street from my high school. All my friends will know what I'm talking about... haha.. ;0) Jason... Carlos...

The music video is awfully strange.. Especially now, watching it again.. haha.. Although.. I've never understood any of the trance/techno music videos!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paul Oakenfold - Southern Sun ( DJ Tiesto Remix )

This is another classic... I remember listening to this in high school! That was about...... 8 years ago?

Anyway.. It's a really good song!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daft Punk - Technologic

This is a nice user-made video. Much props to him. It looks professionally done! It's also a great song!!!! You can't go wrong with Daft Punk.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiesto - Silence - Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan

This is one of those old songs that will live on forever. People will look back at this song and just say, "Damn, this song is the shit!". I'm going to be posting more Trance stuff and get more into Trance/Dance/House/Rave music.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bellaire shooting update & Woman beaten by chimp

Bellaire shooting

The latest article I could find was this: http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/090501_bellaire_city_shooting_fed_suit
If you scroll down to the bottom, you can see a PDF of the complaints.
They are suing everyone they can possibly think of. Including the city itself. Well done! :0) I would do the same. I'd be so pissed off. What if that kid died? Over something as rediculous as stereotyping. Ugh...

Chimp beating

The woman is seeking 50 million after the chimp beat the shit out of her and couldn't be contained. The chimp was eventually shot. Crazy shit. wtf? you know? Ugh


Rock Band Bealtes & Taxing Marijuana

Rock Band
Just a quick little follow-up to the Rock Band Beatles edition game that's coming out. They put together a nice little website and it will be released in less than a month!
So check it out and rock out with your....?.... Out! 09/09/09

California and Marijuana
Is California a part of the USA??? I mean it's pretty freakin liberal over there, which don't get me wrong... It's a great thing. I love all things natural... I wouldn't be going to school for Biology if I didn't!

So by 2010, Oakland, California (and other cities I'm sure) will be taxing Marijuana. Some people may say that it's a bad thing, but it's actually a BIG step in the right direction! They already pull in more sales taxes by selling Marijuana, but if they impose a Cannabis tax, that means they would be looking at it like Cigarettes or alcohol. Either way it's a much needed step in the right direction.

Good job Cali, one day I might move there! ;0)

This was a follow up from http://www.trance104.com/2009/03/rock-band-game-beatles-edition.html

Travian & My house (to be?)

Ahh... Travian... A great little imaginary game with pictures and numbers. No chance, pure power. Travian is one of those great little browser games that you can play whenever you want, but do things in real time.

I currently play server 4 (s4.travian.com) and am ranked 345 out of about 11000. I'm doing quite well for just the beginning of the server. I won't get into specifics, but I have a good defense and a great economy. I farm people that no longer play and don't start shit with my neighbors. I also started Negative Karma (NK). NK is raNKed 277 out of 669. We currently consist of 4 members, and only 1 of them I don't know irl.

I play a defensive game style and will be expanding soon. Most likely to 3 villages. My resource per hour production is almost maxxed out! :0)

I got pre approved for a house and may be moving into one soon. Just have to find one that me and my gf see as being perfect.. :0P


That's the website we use for our Greater Houston area house search. It's a great site.

This entry refers back to http://www.trance104.com/2009/02/approved-housing-program-means-i-will.html

Looking back...

I'll be doing some updates on some stories that I may have found or wrote about back a few months ago... So let's get started!

World of Warcraft
I no longer play WoW as the power is not there anymore. I don't feel urged to play. I still have my level 80 shadow priest with a few other characters on Bloodscalp (char name: Trancee). One day I may return, but who knows! I may just get sucked into Starcraft 2 for my RTS pleasure and Diablo 3 for my RPG cravings. I look forward to both of those. Starcraft more than Diablo, but they are both equally good games.

This blog is a follow up to http://www.trance104.com/2009/02/holy-priest-or-disc-priest.html

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Delorean - Deli

This song isn't bad. It's classified as Alternative Rock, but it also came up in a "house" music search, so I listened to it and found that it wasn't that bad! You can't beat free, so enjoy! :0D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not safe for work post!

Naked pics of Ashley Greene:

Vanessa Hudgens new nude pics:

Those are the old ones and the new ones...!

Yay for 4chan! haha...

I can't guarantee that these pictures will stay on there forever. I'm sure the encyclopedia dramatica will stay... Yay!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Enough sillyness.. Now for some terrible/interesting news


The plague is back and strikes in China!!!! Isn't that some shit??? The freakin black death is back and now it doesn't have to be transmitted through rats and fleas... Just human to human contact.

Oh well... Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Hitler's birthday

I know this is super late, but I just came across it again and it's fucking awesome. Pure greatness... hahaha...

Can't go wrong with Hitler and MJ.



Brits to have cameras in their homes!!

Talk about invasion of privacy! So Braitain is trying to put cameras into 20,000 homes to "protect the children"... When is enough, enough? I woudln't stand for it. I would move out of that country SUPER FAST... They already have them in 2000 homes. WHATS NEXT???


Monday, August 3, 2009


Or FML.com…. if you haven’t come across this website you SHOULD… not only will it make you giggle or wiggle it might just boost your self esteem. It’s a website or blog where you or anyone can post an event, situation, misinterpretation, translation, even your sex education that has come across you. Most of these are embarrassing, hilarious or sad. Some of these short stories sure make you appreciate your life even more. For example I came across this one statement where the girl asked her boyfriend to choose between being with her or keep playing world of warcraft…. The guy chose wow because it made him happier!There’s also another web TFLN text from last night…. People post outrageous text messages they’ve received.This is what you will come across when you have a close one that is JOB-LESS!

My gf wrote this for me.. lol... I <3 her!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Women are at lot like Pokemon

Check it out.. lol

He brings up good points.. lol

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ATT vs 4chan?

So on Sunday, ATT shut down access to 4chan. They did it because they saw some DoS attacks were coming from one of their servers. They chose the wrong group to do this to. Not only did they probably break a law, they took away something from millions of users. I am not a personal user of the 4chan site, but I know many that go there (4 teh lolz).
Now, the owner of 4chan should sue. I would be pissed if my income was stopped because of some corporate company abusing it's power. I would sue for personal damages (loss of income for time down) and for internet censorship.

Did ATT cross the line? What do you think?

Comment below!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Warcraft Movie??

A movie for the oh-so-popular video game series is in the makes! Or will be soon...! Will I see it? Hmmm.... Probably not in the movie theaters!

I'm a little more excited about playing Starcraft 2! Forget a movie! I need to spawn more overlords...!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What's been up?!?!?!?!

Hello all...! What's been up lately? Well... I've been day trading stock. I also restarted Travian on server 4. s4.travian.com

I've been in and out of Trinity Industries (TRN) and I'm currently in Kraft Foods (KFT). I also bought into Cornerstone Progressive Return Fund (CFP) because they pay good dividends!!! I'm going to sell the KFT for profit within the coming days. Just waiting on all the hype to come down. I also own some shares of Capital One (COF) and they took a big jump today. Put me on top of a loss that I was at.

I have to make my money work for me! ;0)

Money money moneyyyyyyy! Follow me on Twitter, I tweet all of my stock moves on there. Thanks!

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

StreamFurious G1 app

If you have a G1 and enjoy music, then this is a must-have app. They have over 30,000 stations and counting. I personally listen to the trance stations, but I did check in on some of the talk ones. The Love talk show is funny... more like lust talk show, not love.. haha...

I'm typing this blog WHILE listening to the radio all on my phone. 128 kb sound quality as well.

Anyway check it out, the app is the shit and definitely its what the G1 is all about.


Oh yeah... need I mention, its free...!

Tornado takes out train

6 days and this video is almost at 1,000,000 views.

It shows a train just minding its own business, then rain.... then snowballs bat at it, then SUPER STRONG winds and gg for it...

Here's a link to the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=azV5bC2br-Q

Here's some info about the tornado itself: www.crh.noaa.gov/lot/?n=20080107tor


Friday, July 3, 2009

Minivan highway!!!!!

We're all riding in our minivan......

Minivan highwayyyy.....

So my friends and I came across shit last week and it was pretty fucking funny! Id just like to share it with the rest of ya! Its called minivan highway and its from that Tim and Eric show. I don't really like that show, but this skit/song was ingenious!!!!

It makes me want to make crappy midi songs just for fun... lol...



Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to play Ultima Online for free....

Go to http://www.uo.com/uoml/downloads.shtml and click on the "here" in the first option which is "Download from FTP". The download should pop-up asking you to save or what have you. I save it personally, just in case of whatever. It's also small enough to back up onto a CD. After you are done downloading it, install it. The default directory is fine.

Now go to http://www.runuo.com/razor/download.php and click on "RAZOR (Latest Version)" and select run.

Now that you have those two installed, you want to open razor and leave all of the settings default. The only thing you want to change is Server. Click on the drop down next to it and select: UOGamers: Hybrid (UOR). Then click okay and UO should load right up.

Account is set-up to auto-account, which means that you just type whatever screen name and password you want and if it's available, it will log you in.

Then you can create your own character and do what you want from there...!

Enjoy.. ;0)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've started playing UO... (Ultima Online)

I gotta say... It's fucking great! This server is populated and just pure awesome! (UOG: Hybrid) It's a mix of Pre-AoS with some new style features. It's all around goodness! It's a little sick too... lolz...

I'll type up a how-to on playing this server for free.. lol


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mexico/Texas - Drugs/Steroids


Mexico to decriminalize all drugs. In this article written in the Seattle Times, the very first paragraph shows you how the media can "affect" the masses. "Will Mexican cities become Latin Amsterdams, flooded by drug users seeking penalty-free tokes and toots?" I stopped reading the article after that first paragraph. Don't buy into the bullshit people. They target Amsterdam like they are a bunch of CRAZY ANTI-GOVERNMENT foriegners, when really they are probably living a better life than we are. I don't say that because marijuana is legal in some parts over there. It's just the true meaning of being "free". I can run numbers and show you how many more deaths there are in the U.S. as opposed to Amsterdam, and I can show you how many more years they live longer than us. I can show you how their infant-survival ratio is higher than ours, but I shouldn't have to. America isn't hell, but we are just misguided by our superiors who want to tell us that we can't do something just because they put it into law. Oh and on a slightly different subject, did you hear about that "HUGE" steroid bust? Now those are some BAD people. Omg, they are taking steroids!!!!!!!!!! QUICKLY PUT THEM IN JAIL!


I feel better now that we put those menaces to society behind bars. About 70+ people were arrested in that. It's fucking rediculous. What is going on in the officers heads? They just want to be a part of something and feel like they are contributing. You should have to go to jail for a year if you want to be a police officer. Maybe 3 years if you want to be a DA and 5 years if you want to be a judge. I bet you that would make people reconsider what they do and how the "people in power" ruin other peoples lives. Arresting someone for steroids? Come on... They must be afraid that those people are just going to turn green and grow abnormally. Haven't had a longer blog like this in a while. Just my thoughts on the powers that be. Not all are bad. Some just misjudge laws.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Send your name to Mars!!!

So NASA is sending a rover to Mars in 2011 and is giving us the chance to send our name to Mars! They are going to put it on a microchip...


You know.. We will never truely know if they do this. It could be something to just excite the public.. :0( lol..

Computer Trouble... and happy fathers day!

Finally...! My computer is fixed. I figured out that with an Acer computer, it has an option to restore to factory default. One of the best options ever! It took me like 3 hours, but I'm back up and running now! You have to hold alt and press F-10 at startup and it will take you to some menu then just select the option! I'm so happy now... w00t!

Happy fathers day goes out to all the dads! Happy fathers day to my daddy... I got him an amazon.com gift certificate because I'm gay (not really, but lol)... I can't think of anything that I could get him anyway.. He would be able to get whatever he wants with it!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Girl wins $50,000 for being the fastest "texter"

Girl wins $50,000.00 for being the fastest "texter"
Remember when it was winning money for being smart!!!!!
15 year old got her very own first cell phone just eight months before the competition.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweet, tweet..!

So I started Twitter-ering again! I made an account a while ago and did a few updates, but never got into it. Feel free to follow me!!!

It's www.twitter.com/trance104

Hopefully I'll get a lot of followers instead of just me and my few friends! :0P

Just wanted to let everyone know with a little, mini-post! Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How many buttons...?

How many buttons can a buttoner button, if a buttoner could button buttons????

Answer that!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Updates and SF!

Well obviously there haven't been any updates, BUT with good reason! I have been in San Francisco and will be back sooner than you think! So I won't be telling you that they have been recovering bodies from that plane crash or that some parents crashed into a burning building in Mexico to try to save their kids... I'll be back with some more and some pics as well!! w00t w00t! :0)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dug: The Talking Dog.. :0)

Dug: The talking dog behind the scenes video.

Make sure to watch it in HD!

I couldn't embed the video, so there is the link.... When I first saw the preview for the movie Up, I was like... Alright... That doesn't look so bad.... I liked how the creativity looked and how the scenes and colors all went well together with a little story.

Then I saw this dog in one of the commercials and lol'd at how true it could be... So I looked into it more and found out that his name is Dug the dog and they did a mini-behind the scenes type thing on him. So I linked that for all to watch. He's all too funny and I love the creativity behind it!! Ahh... Dug has truely made me want to go watch the movie now! I will probably surprise my gf with it at Studio Movie Grill or something... If she doesn't read this first that is.. haha.. ;0)

I'll come back with a review for the movie to see if it lives up to all of its commercialized hype! ;0)

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Assisted Suicide Law...

A woman takes herself out... Legally! She's the first to actually kill herself legally! She just can't handle the pain. This is why they need to legalize Marijuana. I bet you if she had some THC flowing in her, she would be feeling okay and wouldn't want to kill herself.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Dell confirms Android OS Netbook


Check it out guys! If it comes to use for like $200, count me in! I will buy one right away!! >:0) There's a cool little video in that link too.. Check it out!

Saudi court says it's okay to slap your wife!


I came across this a while ago.... I was looking at something at work and came across this.. I had a good lol. I should have posted it earlier, but oh well! :0P

So apparently if your wife spends too much money on something to cover her face with.. Well.. You have every right to slap her across the face.

One of my friends asked a woman that was from that culture and she didn't see what we thought was funny. She was just like that's how it is over there...

Which made me lol inside more.

Bitches be crazy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google fossil search picture?

What's all the fuss you might ask... Well let me share this with you... It is an important branch to the evolution tree in Human history... I'll just let you read this one and watch the videos... It's incredible and interesting..

By the way, just some food for thought.... Do you think google has thousands of "Google" pictures stored for use everyday? I love all of their different designs... Hmmm... I should start a collection and date them all... lol... ;0)

It's no wonder why Frankie (Crookedstep) hates the world...

Ahh the Irish... I have some Irish in me... From my moms side... As soon as I saw this story today, I immediately thought about my good Irish internet friend Frankie... He hates the world and such and was probably one of the little boys that were abused... He's probably still abused to this day... (lol)

Anyway, this one goes out to you Frankie... Enjoy!

Back at it with some news that interests me! Zombie Ants

So I haven't done any news updates or anything, so I'll kick it off with a few...

There has to be some news that really interests me. Interests me in a way that it is unique and or weird/wacky. So I came across this one last week and have postponed posting it onto here, but finally have made some time to do so! It's about Zombie Ants! Seriously! Apparently there are these flies that attack only fire ants. The flies are like mother natures way of controlling the fire ant population. 

I HATE ants. I seriously do. I've done all sorts of things to ants when I was a kid and even now if I see them, I'll crush them or kick their mound over... So anyway, the flies land on top of the ant and place eggs in their head. When the eggs hatch, the maggots start eating away at the flies brain and the ant just kind of wanders around just as a zombie would if they were real.. lol...

Then when the fly is big enough, it bursts out of the ants head and flies away. People are looking at this fly as a way to lower the fire ant population and they are going to be testing it close to home... ;0) (In Texas) Ranchers complain about fire ants attacking live stock and such, so they are going to release the flies near/in or around ant mounds to start lowering the population completely.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Techno Freebie!!!! 05/13/09

Thank you amazon for all of the free songs that they have listed! You can download this for free and please do enjoy! It's a pretty good Techno song, that can definitely be played a party! :0)
Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The whole amazon.com CD from earlier is now free to download!!

Remember that song that I blogged about earlier? Well... Amazon.com decided to make the entire CD free!! W00t w00t! So enjoy guys and gals... Download for free!!!! WOOOO!!! Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!! (Even though it's not Trance... ;0P) lol

Be back with more Trance tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trance freebies!!!

I chose these songs because they are available legally for free on amazon.com. I figured instead of trying to make money off of my blog, I will try to help the little man! haha.. :0P 

You can cycle through the playlist just like a CD by clicking on the buttons next to the play button. Remember! If you don't want to download the amazon downloader, there is an option below it that allows you to download the mp3 by itself!


1. Chris Chambers and Static Blue - Dynamica
2. Fast Distance - Heavens Melody
3. Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge - Time for Commitment
4. 4 Mal feat. Gliss - Time is Burning

I ordered them in my favorites from most favorite of the free songs to least favorite.

Menomena - Wet & Rusting

I know this isn't Trance, but it was a free song that I came across that I happened to like... I figured if I liked it and you're following my blog, then you'll like it as well... I think Hermes might like it and I think Maritza might as well.

I don't know how long it will be free for, but as of today... It's free!!!!!!

Now there are two ways of downloading it. You can download it through the amazon mp3 downloader, or you can download it as an mp3. To do that, you have to select the option that says "skip installation and continue" towards the bottom.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Up to date!!!

I got my aerogarden blog up to date. I've been writing everything down on paper and finally put in the effort to post it all. I hope it appeals to some of you! :0P

I've been playing LOTS of Halo since my PC has been down. Had some good games and some bad. All and all, it's been really fun actually! I'm still saving for a house with my girlfriend. I think we lowered our standards a bit. :0P You can't always get what you deserve. 

I'm still waiting on my raise at my job to kick in as well.. :0( It takes effect next month and also my incentive doubles, which I'm looking forward to. I'm finally starting to make some real money in life. I don't make much, but it's starting to add up and feel good.

I'll be back with more Trance! :0)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Google Profile Business cards!!!

I ordered mine already and I plan to write my blog on them and leave them at random places... haha... anyway you get 25 google profile cards for free... you don't have to pay anything! So that's pretty cool. I encourage everyone to go order them because they are only doing 10,000 people...!

I couldn't get a direct link because you have to sign into your google account.

So just google search "google profile" and create/edit it and you should see something at the top involving free business cards. Click it and follow the instructions and there you go! :0)

Enjoy... I still don't have my computer up yet, but soon.... soon...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Surprise...! Aerogarden!!!!!

My one and only unexpectedly baught me an Aerogarden! I'm pretty happy with it and can't wait to start harvesting! Haha... I'm actually thinking about starting a seperate blog about the cost-effectiveness of the whole grow. I think it will be an interesting process and a cool way to see if you actually can save money over long term just by using it! Hooray for loved ones! :0)

I might make it something like herbs.trance104.com or something of that nature... we will see... my computer is still p00py and the flooding in houston isn't helping!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Computer p00p

Well my computer went p00p and now I don't know what to do. I'm probably going to bring it to best buy because that's where I got it from. We will see what the warranty covers. I hope it hasn't been too long! I doubt it was a virus...

We will see.... mobile blogging ftl...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trance pick of the day!

This song was the first song that got me into Trance. The guitar is unique and awesome. It was probably the most popular Trance song of it's time! Instant classic compared to stuff now-a-days...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Trance pick of the day!!!

I personally don't feel that Tiesto is that great, but he does have a few good mixes. What he did with Sarah McLachlan was pretty badass! I LOVE Silence and Sweet Surrender. They are both GREAT hits! Preview and enjoy! You can't go wrong with her voice and how she holds her notes with the perfect Trance beat. I added the whole albulm for your preview pleasure, but you will enjoy at least Silence and Sweet Surrender!

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

B2B! Back to Blogging!!!!

I've been quite busy lately with friends and family that I haven't had a chance to post anything. I plan on making up for it by at least doing a full weeks worth of Trance reviews!!! I will have at least one a day this entire week! Hoooooray for Trance! I plan on revamping the blog as well and making trance104.com specific for trance music and then making something like blog.trance104.com

We will see though!!!! So keep checkin back!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Woman attacked by polar bear

Well this woman wanted to approach the Polar Bear at a zoo and got bear-handled by it. I thought men were stupidly suicidal, but I guess not! I dedicate this story to Hermes... haha


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chase pick up the tab...

Just thought I'd let everyone know that from now until June 30th, every 1250th credit transaction is free.. Just hope that your purchase is the 1250th!!! You have to register your card through here though: https://www.chase.com/psmhelp/index.jsp?pg_name=ccpmapp/shared/help/page/pick_up_tab_register

I know some people are all about internet security and such, but it doesn't ask for your full # or anything... I'm just trying to help you save some $$!!! 

microblog ftw!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Pirated?)

That's right! The May 1, 2009 release, has been exposed on the internet. You can now watch the movie online for free. If you actually care it that is...

So yeah... check out x men origins wolverine online... just thought id let y'all know!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Woman owned by chimp blind for life...

Remember hearing about that woman that got severely beaten by a chimpanzee? If you haven't heard about it, look it up (where have you been?). There's a 911 call and everything. Anyway... she survived, but has suffered SEVERE injuries. She can't use her hand, she is blind, and she needs a TON of reconstructive surgery. She's doing much better now though. She lost her hands, nose, lips, and eyelids in the attack. So she is suing for $50 million. Its the American way!

Moarle of the story...

Don't keep a 200 pound monkey as a pet!

Bellaire officer indicted!!!

Well, the Grand Jury has decided to go ahead with the trial. The cop was indicted on a charge of aggravated assault by a public servant, which is a first degree felony and carries anywhere from 5 years to life.

Yay for justice!!!!! Now let's hope this pig goes to jail.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

K-Cups are the SHIT!! Keurig too!

I recently found out about this badass machine called Keurig while visting with my girlfriend. It's a single cup coffee/tea maker. So I ordered these "K-Cups" and I am greatly satisfied. The coffee is awesome and the tea is great as well! I got the varity packs of both the medium coffee and the tea. It cost me $48, so not too shabby! It makes 96 cups of tea and coffee. It's actually is a super cool invention/machine. You should check out a video on youtube or something. These things are HOT! :0P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

How to fix the economy

Stimulus? Not a great idea... bailout??? HORRIBLE idea. If you want people to spend money, you have to put money into their hands. I have the perfect solution...

Instead of giving tons of money to people that fail at life, give it to everyone in the country with a social security number.

According to the us census, the resident population of the united states will be 306,134,524 on 4/2/09 at 16:27 GMT (EST+5). Now that's including immigrants. I will use this number to show you how to fix the economy.

Now we take our $787 billion stimulus package and divide it amongst the people.

That's comes down to $2570.76 per person. The only way to fairly divide it would be to just give it to people with socials and tax ids. I'm not against immigrants, but there's just no right way to track that we gave it to them so to say. Its estimated that there are 12,000,000 illegal migrants in the US. So if we subtract the estimated 12 million from our number of 306,134,524, we get 294,134,524. Now divide $787,000,000,000 by 294,134,524 people and we would all get $2675.64. People are going to use that money. Think about all the children some people have. Since this is by social, you and your baby would get it.

Let's say a mom, dad, son, and daughter all live together. That's 2 adults (over 18) and 2 children (under 18) that'd would all get $2675.64 each. Now that times 4 is $10702.56. What do you think mom and dad are going to do with all that money? Maybe save some yeah, but maybe also buy a new car or fix their house or prepare to buy a house because now they have a decent down payment. Maybe take a family vacation. There are endless possibilities of what could happen.

Now let's look at the larger picture of what's happening with bail outs plus stimulus'.

According to bloomberg.com, an article posted on Feburary 9th, 2009 says that with all the bailouts, and stimulus included, the government is giving bad companies $9.7 trillion or 9,700,000,000,000.

Now let's divide that by the adjusted number (population minus illegal migrants).

9,700,000,000,000 divided by 294,134,524 equals $32,978.10 PER PERSON.

Guess what happens to that family of four that I used in my example earlier... they get a total of $131,912.40.

Do you honestly think that they would save every penny and not have any feeling to spend? That's how rediculous this government is. They would rather give money to companies that are failing because of a bad business plan.

If you put the money in the hands of the people, they will spend! Then guess what happens??? The government collects taxes on goods and services purchased and everyone has money again to keep their business going or to buy a new car or buy a new house. Its just stupid.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Trance song of the week - Ultra DJ's - Me & U (Original)

Ultra DJ's - Me & U (Original)

This song is more of a Trance/Dance mix. The original is by far the best in my opinion. I can listen to this song over and over again for some strange reason. The woman sings about someone that she has fallen for and how they fight. Then she goes on to say that it was love at first sight and so on. They seem to fight a lot, but they can't settle for other people.

That's what I got from it at least. Regardless of the lyrics, it is a great song. I never listened to the lyrics the first few times I heard it, but I still loved it. I tend to prefer females singing in more of a low tone/pitch. The opening is great and doesn't play on for too long like some songs. The ending is okay. They could have done it better, but I don't know how. So I guess the outing wasn't that bad after re-thinking about it.

Here's a preview:

My domain is up!!!!

Well I'm pretty excited about this trance104.com thing... I guess because I've never owned anything on the web before. Anyways, I have an idea for another blog that involves graffiti that I will likely be starting soon. I haven't done graffiti in a while (I never did it). I still have interest in it however. It opened my mind to new cultures as well as creativity that can be used civilly.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I just got a domain!!!

Due to my minor popularity, I will be moving to www.trance104.com. should be done by tomorrow! I'm a little excited, but it cost me some money! That's okay though, because I do it for you guys... and gals... :0P

And cats dogs frogs etc...

Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm super sick! I don't know why, but I feel like crap! My body is aching all over and I have a fever.. :0( I don't know what to do... So... I am going to cut this one short.. :0\

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wow!!!!! i love my girlfriend

Just lettin anyone that cares know that I super duper love my girlfriend and I don't know what id do without her!

Microblog for the win!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Conficker C

Now listen here and listen well. I know the person that has started great justice of a program. They want computers to be more secure and by doing so, they will make some money until things are perfect before they are given to the general public.

The 4/01/09 that was found in the code, was not the date that the scam will happen, but it is a section of criminal code. 4-1-9.

Why are they doing this you might ask? Because of large corporations that screw the little man into buying a product that doesn't fully work and is not 100% reliable. So they want their piece of the pie so to speak. Its all a scam.

The email that is provided is but a dummy email to collect funds from.

Now, if we do not achieve $1,000,000 cash donated by the end of march, unheard of things will happen.

@Microsoft $250,000? That's all? All I can say is lawl.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stayed up late playing WoW!

ugh! I don't know why I do this to myself, but I NEED MORE ITEMS!!!! I got a 22 slot dragon hide bag... Which I guess isn't bad, BUT I could have gotten some gear which would have made me happier! Oh well! God I love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, them!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Addicted to peanut M&M's!!!

My girlfriend baught me a little snack recently. M&M's with peanuts...they are the SHIT! I'm happy she got them for me. They are perfect for gaming or working! Anything computer related too! (Blogging) she baught me a 12oz bag and I finished it in 2 days. Do I need help? Haha... I m not fat... I'm pretty skinny actually, but eat plenty of things to get fat, but never gain weight.

I just need a good woman to cook for me like 27 days out of the month. (Hint hint mayra)


Monday, March 23, 2009

A new look on life! ;0P

On saturday I picked up my glasses and wow... They are amazing!!!! The look is okay, but the outlook is amazing! I haven't seen the way I am able to see now in a long time!!!! I can see from far away and everything!

My head is still adjusting though and I get dizzy and have some minor headaches... I'm getting used to it though. All in time! I did a lot this weekend too... I will post about it later though! ;0)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Live off of my blog?

I wonder if this will ever be possible? You hear about people generating a good stream of income off of blogging and other web stuff. I'm new to the scene so to say... I've learned a lot through google adsense and all the different ways they allow you to make money. Its pretty interesting. Now I need some dedicated fans!!! Haha... three isn't enough! Maybe I should do more resturant reviews... or drink reviews.... who knows!!!

I have another blog idea, but it would involve me having a team of people that live in Houston. I feel pretty confident that it could become popular... I just need everyone to work together! Only one friend is interested. Oh well.... I want at least 2 friends plus myself. We will see how it turns out! All of us put together have everything we need... badass camera... mini cam.... and a HUGE amount of creativity and artistic talent.

I hope they seriously consider it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama administration not as big a liar as Bush...

So far the Obama administration and Obama himself have lied and not stuck with his "promises". The illegal phone taps that the bush admin started is.... well... guess...! STILL GOING ON. Obama is still allowing agents to break the constitution. Anyway aside from him being a COMPLETE liar, he has finally taken a step in the right direction with slowing down/stopping illegal raids on medical marijuana dispensiaries. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, its a business that sells marijuana to people with prescriptions from their doctor that say they need it. There are currently 13(?) States that offer legal medical marijuana.

So they were raiding what they believed were somewhat illegal drug dealers and jailed them. To me its all a fear tactic. They have guns and vests on and break down your door. Hold a gun to the back of your head and make you feel worthless/scared. Waste of government money. No wonder people hold bank accounts in other countries. They don't want to fund the USA terrorists.

Ugh. Bitches with power be crazy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travian update!

Well all resource fields are at level 9 and one of each resource is at level 10. I'm establishing a small defense army and plan to do a,azing things with them... like defend... I will be starting my second city soon, so.... yay!

I've picked out some really good 15 croppers that aren't far away.... so... I hope no one has ninjad them... :0P

Not much else to say... I haven't been attacked lately, so now I'm focusing on other stuff.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

California close to legalizing Marijuana!!! Well done!

California is the closest state to full-blown legalization! The bill proposed states that you have to be 21 to purchase and smoke marijuana. They are going down the right path! Cali is about to make a lot of money if this bill get passed. A lot more businesses will open up as well. Hell... I'd move there, grow, and supply a business if this was to pass. Then I could live off of my own business and start one of my other farming business ideas that I have! My other idea does NOT involve marijuana! It's a great idea though, so I can't share it with anyone until it happens! Unless someone wants to give me like $200,000. Then we might be able to work something out. My idea does benefit man-kind by the way and I know it will work. Hopefully I can sway some of my more financially relaxed readers to donate my way.. haha.. 

Anyway if this does get passed in cali, the production of Hemp is going to take over the country. Hemp is illegal to grow in the great US of A, but it is not illegal to import. That's why you see hemp lotions and other hemp products (hemp bagels *ugh*). We are well on our way to freedom... One state at a time.

If only Texas would just sit back and think about things with whatever little common sense they MIGHT have.

Le Petit Paris authentic French Bakery review plus story!

On Sunday, my girlfriend and I decided to help the economy a bit by going to Old Navy and using a 30% off coupon that I had. I got a few items and my girlfriend got something too. After that, we went to Bath & Body works because we had a coupon to try a "signature collection" item that they just came out with. It smelled okay, but it was free with a $10 purchase. So we got that and I got something that helps your room smell good. Kind of like one of those things you plug into the wall.

All those coupons made us hungry, so we decided to stop at a small French restaurant and we just ordered a little chicken dish for both of us to eat from. It cost us (really me, because I'm like all over here... :0P ) $8.00. The guy that tended us seemed like he was the owner and was very nice about splitting the one meal into two. I ordered a coke, which cost me $1.50 and my girlfriend ordered some tea which also cost $1.50, but came with refills. The coke was a 16.9 oz bottle, so it wasn't THAT bad... 
The chicken was VERY good and the spices were perfect. The n00dles were VERY good as well. It was actually a very good meal. The only bad part about it was the... Well.... Ice!!! The ice tasted like really bad freezer water ice. That was the only bad part about the meal. So i just drank my Coke out of the bottle instead...

Now for dessert!!!

Tiramisu!!! It was extremely good! It had all the right stuff! It tasted very fresh although I can not tell you when it was made. It did however taste great and I will get it again if I visit there again. 

First time home buyer assistance sux! I am too rich to own a home!

Apparently you have to be dirt poor to get any help from the city or county. Former president Bush being the great man that he is, got rid of all the down payment assistance grants that non-profit organizations offered to people. Yay! Now look at the housing market. It SUCKS. You take away money from people, then people stop buying stuff.

Apparently I am too "rich" to qualify for any help from the city. I am just PULLING in the money. Seriosuly. That's why I own like three or four houses, right? I don't even own one. My car is all fucked up too. I barely have any money put aside and I only have that money there because of personal reasons. Now I'm struggling to save.

Gas doesn't get cheaper.... my gf and I don't go out much... we just hang out and play on the computer. We look at homes, but we just make too much money to own one. I really want to buy a house and get married, but........... no money... heh. The little that I have just isn't cutting it. I don't even buy games anymore... :0/ I don't play my xbox... I just play on the computer and try not to drive anywhere. That's the life of a rich man apparently!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Late blog entries!!!!

Okay, so I got promoted at my job (yay) and I have been training... all last week... so normally I blog when I work. (I'm horrible, I know). That's why I haven't done anything lately. I have a resturant review ready, so ill do that one when I get home. Sorry to make this one short, but there's more work with my new posistion!!!!!

Can't stop the Trance!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saltgrass Steakhouse

The best Steakhouse in Houston! In my opinion that is..... I ordered the filet mignon, which I rarely do! I deserve it though! :0P Their bread that they give you before you eat is the best! Better than Outback for sure!!! I got a really good potatoe soup as well! It was cheesy with potatoes and little bacon bits... MMMMM! I also ordered fried mushrooms for an appetizer and they were great! My girlfriends sister ordered some spinach and artichoke dip and.... well.... it was pretty good actually! I never tried it and would have never ordered it on my own... so thank you Caro... :0P

I got my filet mignon and could tell right away that the quality was wayyyyyy better than the standard cut. The asparagus was great and the sauteed mushrooms were as well! I haven't been there in a longgggg time!

It was great! As expected.......!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

My girlfriend suggested that I try the Chai Tea Latte and said that it was really good! As I was waiting in line, random white guy told me that it was really good too! So now I was like super-pumped!

I got it and it smelled good! I tasted the foam, and it didn't taste that great... I was like okay, that's just the foam! So I got to the drink and well... It isn't that great... It has these almost... Spicey tasting herbs... The milk in my opinion doesn't go great with it... I'd rather have the vanilla one.. Or just some good ol' hot chocolate with extra whipped cream! MMmmmmm....

Pros: Spicy-herby taste , smells good!
Cons: Too strong in my opinion, and it didn't taste THAT great with milk!

WoW gold farming...!

So I've decided that a holy priest isn't pulling in money fast enough for my liking... I don't even think a shadow priest would suffice! So I've decided that an Orc Death Knight will be perfect. I'm going to focus on high DPS, along with some AoE DPS. Hopefully this will work great, but that means I have to get to 80 again... at least this time its only from level 55... ;0)

I will probably farm the eternal lifes and such just so I can sell them and also mail them to trancee... probably farm the relics of ulduar too because you can get a ton of mobs at once and even get good silver drops with some grays and greens. With an occasional blue. I also know there is a lot of mining spots there and cloth drops.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rock Band game... Beatles edition!

I can already see it... 50 year old men and women going to walmart, purchasing this game and an xbox 360. Taking it home, hooking it up, and getting HIGHHHHHHHHH.... ;0) hahaha... its so going to happen.... :0P

I wonder when it will be released!!! I doubt that I will buy it, but I do think its a great idea!

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iranian woman gets an eye for an eye.

I was reading yahoo news and came across this... I think its great that she won her court case and that they have this sort of punishment... the only thing is that since she is a woman, 2 of her eyes only count as 1 of his since men are superior to women. But hey she gets to drip acid into one of his eyes! If I was her, I would love to do that.

I'm all for an eye for an eye. It promotes common sense and respect amongst one another! Think about it....

Finally Exalted with SoH!!!

It's been a long line of dailies that I've had to do, but I finally got all the rep needed to be at 21000/21000. This was the first faction that I've ever been exalted with, which gave me the achievement "somebody likes me". I should be finished with the Kala'uk in like 2 days as well! How exciting... :0D Then I want to get my fishing up while getting as many of the fishing achievements as possible!!! I wanna get all of the fishing and cooking achievements just for the hell of it! I actually enjoy those two skills... :0P

Ill keep you updated....

Teens "Sexting"?????

Omg what is the world coming to????? These already sexually active teens are sending nude photos of themselves to each other????? What??? My god what an outrage! Lol...

So apparently there is some hype about this because news reporters have done some "investigating" as they call it, to find whether it is true or not! Apparently its true and its done and has been done for a while now since technology got better.

This wasn't happening when I was in high school! Text messaging wasn't even popular and picture messages were unheard of! Seems like I missed out on these "sex-crazed" teens that we have now-a-days... lol... ahh...

As sXe Phil says.... "Bitches be crazy"

Happy (belated) Square Root day!!!

Yesterday was square root day! 3/3/9! The exciting part about it is that there won't be another one until 4/4/16!!! So happy belated birthday to square root day and happy birthday to all of the square root babies! All of the newborns that were born yesterday should get some kind of math scholarship for college! According to the 2002 us census, that's 13000 births in the U.S. with Tuesday being the most popular day! What a coincidence! 3/3/9 was a Tuesday. Is something up? Tell me what you think! ;0)

4/4/16 will be a Monday... so these 3/3/9 babies must be special...!

The next math day will be pi day! Which is coming up on 3.14! Haha... march 14th! Have a drink for math days! Yayyyyy!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My girlfriend and I make an Organic pizza!!!

Well mostly organic that is! Upon leaving Whole Foods Market, we realized that we had forgotten cheese and pepperonis!!! Oh well, we ended up grabbing some from Wal-Mart. We followed two different instructions from other bloggers online that blogged about making a pizza from scratch.

We followed this persons instructions for making the dough: Honey dough.We made everything by hand starting with prepping the dough. We had to let it sit for a few hours after we were done to let it expand and what-not.

While letting the dough sit, we started making the tomatoe sauce. We sort of based our sauce on this recipe. Instead of buying canned tomatoe paste, we baught 5 organic tomatoes. I wasn't sure how to go about making sauce from them, so I decided to blend them! It turned out really watery, but that wasn't a problem. I diced up an onion and some garlic, then threw it in with the sauce. I then poured the liquidy goo into a pot and turned the stove on to high. I added the 2 tablespoons of basil and the 2 table spoons of dried Oregano. I couldn't get Kosher salt and by the time I was making sauce, I completely forgot to add salt!!! Even though I forgot the salt, I think the best thing that I made was the sauce!! I waited until most of the water had boiled out, leaving me with the fresh tomatoe and herbs! Mmmmmm!!!

After prepping the sauce, it was time to flatten the dough ball, sauce it, top it, then stick it in the oven!!! We let it bake for about 15 minutes and here you have it!!! Honey doughed pepperoni pizza! All made from simple ingredients at home! It was one of the best pizzas I had ever had, plus it's all organic. You can't go wrong there!

Thanks for reading. :0)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee review

When I first started working my job, I wasn't big on drinking coffee. My job offers us Starbucks coffee for free, so I decided to drink a ttle bit a day. We get two choices; house blend and breakfast blend. House blend isn't all that great... its not that strong and the aroma isn't much of a "waker-upper". It took me some time to get adjusted to breakfast blend, but its pretty good now! I was never really a coffee drinker, but it does help me in those mornings where I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping!!! Sometimes I've noticed that it even helps me get through my sleepyness after lunch!

Now I only drink 1 cup a day 5 days a week unless I don't have to work. I was on vacation recently and I didn't have any coffee at all! So its just a work thing. Now about the coffee...

Breakfast Blend is a great wake-me-up coffee! It can be strong with less milk or just perfect with enough creamer and sugar. The aroma is wonderful and the smell alone is sure to wake you up a bit! The taste is great and easy to take down.

Pros: wake you up, keep you up, smells wonderful
Cons: keeps you up (can be bad)

Remember this is brewed by myself while I am at work. So this doesn't come straight from a starbuck employee. Haha...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy Priest or Disc Priest???

So I'm redoing my talents to focus on more mana regen and more healing. What do I do? I came up with this for Holy/Disc and this for Disc/Holy. I'm gonna give the Disc/Holy one a shot for now. I'm likin all the mana regen it gives!! It might actually help a lot! I know this one was short, but I'm trying to farm some gold to get my enchanting up!!!! 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starbucks "London Fog Tea Latte" Review plus story!

So I got to work early today to find out that there was no more coffee. Starbucks coffee is provided for free by the company I work for, but since its the end of the month all of it is gone! We should have more by the 1st of the month. So everyone asked if I would go to starbucks and get them something from there. Being the nice guy that I am, I replied with "sure!" Starbucks is like 2 blocks from my job, which was a very short drive.

I got everybodies drinks which totaled to 5 and went back to work for the delivery!

The armoa from the London Fog Tea Latte is wondrus! I wish I could say the same for the taste. To me, it tastes like lemon with milk and water... ugh! It also has this cool feel/taste to it although it is a hot drink. Just like the Green Tea Latte, I will never drink it again.

Pros: smells great, soothes throat a little, okay for a cold day

Cons: tastes almost like sour milk

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Approved housing program means I will be buying a house soon!!!

Now here in Houston if you buy a house that's $135000 or cheaper, the city will help you as long as you don't make $75000 a year or $150000 combined income a year. Now if you plan on buying a house, but don't know if you should... then I would suggest that you do and do it before December 1, 2009!!! The government will give you $8000 back next year or 10% whichever is least. I think this is a great incentive to buy a home. You could get a cheap foreclosed home and have it paid off in no time!!!

Now my girlfriend and I are undecided on whether or not we should buy a home that's cheaper than $135000 or if we should get something that's $160ish that may be bigger.... don't know. Smartest thing to do here would probably be to go with a home that's $135000 or less and just deal with it! We will get assistance from the city and then the $8000 from the government!

So in my eyes the incentive to buy is definitely going to encourage me to buy a home! His stimulus in the housing area has worked for me! Hah.

I don't even know where to start!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've started playing Travian again after about a year long break. I never thought I'd play it again, but with my current job it helps keep me entertained while working. I still had some gold left from the previous gameplay and transferred it here now. I'm glad iI kept that e-mail! I've gotten people that were attacking me to stop and so far they have! I asked them nicely and suggested that they attack other inactives and they did...! So far at least!

Now I focus everything on resources! I have a small army and have been farming the inactives around me as well. not getting so much, but it helps pay for the army and new buildings! All of my resources are now at least level 6 and I'm pulling in some pretty good resources per hour. ;0)

I wanna join a good alliance, but don't wanna just throw it out there! If other NK's were to play in the north east side, I would definitely start NK then!!!! Doubt it will happen though. So until then, I will be a lone wolf... ;0)

Starbucks hot Green Tea Latte

Well last night I had a hot Green Tea Latte for the first time and let me tell you... ugh! Maybe... just maybe it was too green for me! Haha.. The foam on the top was BAD! Usually I love the foam. I drank a little more than half of my venti drink and ended up throwing it away. Usually I can at least tolerate it and finish it, but I couldn't even do that this time! I will never get it again! I've never tasted anything that derived from Green tea that I didn't like!

I will be posting more of their drinks as I taste them. I have a personal friend that works there and will ask for some suggestions.

If you personally want me to try anything, just leave a comment and I will try it and write a review about it! Thanks!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The life of a holy priest

Since hitting level 80, I switched to Holy and started raiding. There have been some days that I can't be on all that much and well... Can only do my dailies and that's all. I've been grinding rep for two factions. 1. Sons of Hodir and 2. The Kala'uk. I also do the Cooking daily quest.

When I first learned about Sons of Hodir, started grinding it for the 22 slot bag recipee. I've now learned that they offer the best shoulder enchants in the game! As I type this, I have 925/21000 with them to Exalted. I'm closer with the Kala'uk, but The SoH might come sooner!!! Also I'm almost done with all of my current end game cooking recipees. Only 6 more.