Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy (belated) Square Root day!!!

Yesterday was square root day! 3/3/9! The exciting part about it is that there won't be another one until 4/4/16!!! So happy belated birthday to square root day and happy birthday to all of the square root babies! All of the newborns that were born yesterday should get some kind of math scholarship for college! According to the 2002 us census, that's 13000 births in the U.S. with Tuesday being the most popular day! What a coincidence! 3/3/9 was a Tuesday. Is something up? Tell me what you think! ;0)

4/4/16 will be a Monday... so these 3/3/9 babies must be special...!

The next math day will be pi day! Which is coming up on 3.14! Haha... march 14th! Have a drink for math days! Yayyyyy!!!!

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