Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First time home buyer assistance sux! I am too rich to own a home!

Apparently you have to be dirt poor to get any help from the city or county. Former president Bush being the great man that he is, got rid of all the down payment assistance grants that non-profit organizations offered to people. Yay! Now look at the housing market. It SUCKS. You take away money from people, then people stop buying stuff.

Apparently I am too "rich" to qualify for any help from the city. I am just PULLING in the money. Seriosuly. That's why I own like three or four houses, right? I don't even own one. My car is all fucked up too. I barely have any money put aside and I only have that money there because of personal reasons. Now I'm struggling to save.

Gas doesn't get cheaper.... my gf and I don't go out much... we just hang out and play on the computer. We look at homes, but we just make too much money to own one. I really want to buy a house and get married, but........... no money... heh. The little that I have just isn't cutting it. I don't even buy games anymore... :0/ I don't play my xbox... I just play on the computer and try not to drive anywhere. That's the life of a rich man apparently!

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