Friday, March 6, 2009

WoW gold farming...!

So I've decided that a holy priest isn't pulling in money fast enough for my liking... I don't even think a shadow priest would suffice! So I've decided that an Orc Death Knight will be perfect. I'm going to focus on high DPS, along with some AoE DPS. Hopefully this will work great, but that means I have to get to 80 again... at least this time its only from level 55... ;0)

I will probably farm the eternal lifes and such just so I can sell them and also mail them to trancee... probably farm the relics of ulduar too because you can get a ton of mobs at once and even get good silver drops with some grays and greens. With an occasional blue. I also know there is a lot of mining spots there and cloth drops.

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