Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dug: The Talking Dog.. :0)

Dug: The talking dog behind the scenes video.

Make sure to watch it in HD!

I couldn't embed the video, so there is the link.... When I first saw the preview for the movie Up, I was like... Alright... That doesn't look so bad.... I liked how the creativity looked and how the scenes and colors all went well together with a little story.

Then I saw this dog in one of the commercials and lol'd at how true it could be... So I looked into it more and found out that his name is Dug the dog and they did a mini-behind the scenes type thing on him. So I linked that for all to watch. He's all too funny and I love the creativity behind it!! Ahh... Dug has truely made me want to go watch the movie now! I will probably surprise my gf with it at Studio Movie Grill or something... If she doesn't read this first that is.. haha.. ;0)

I'll come back with a review for the movie to see if it lives up to all of its commercialized hype! ;0)

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Assisted Suicide Law...

A woman takes herself out... Legally! She's the first to actually kill herself legally! She just can't handle the pain. This is why they need to legalize Marijuana. I bet you if she had some THC flowing in her, she would be feeling okay and wouldn't want to kill herself.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dell confirms Android OS Netbook

Check it out guys! If it comes to use for like $200, count me in! I will buy one right away!! >:0) There's a cool little video in that link too.. Check it out!

Saudi court says it's okay to slap your wife!

I came across this a while ago.... I was looking at something at work and came across this.. I had a good lol. I should have posted it earlier, but oh well! :0P

So apparently if your wife spends too much money on something to cover her face with.. Well.. You have every right to slap her across the face.

One of my friends asked a woman that was from that culture and she didn't see what we thought was funny. She was just like that's how it is over there...

Which made me lol inside more.

Bitches be crazy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google fossil search picture?

What's all the fuss you might ask... Well let me share this with you... It is an important branch to the evolution tree in Human history... I'll just let you read this one and watch the videos... It's incredible and interesting..

By the way, just some food for thought.... Do you think google has thousands of "Google" pictures stored for use everyday? I love all of their different designs... Hmmm... I should start a collection and date them all... lol... ;0)

It's no wonder why Frankie (Crookedstep) hates the world...

Ahh the Irish... I have some Irish in me... From my moms side... As soon as I saw this story today, I immediately thought about my good Irish internet friend Frankie... He hates the world and such and was probably one of the little boys that were abused... He's probably still abused to this day... (lol)

Anyway, this one goes out to you Frankie... Enjoy!

Back at it with some news that interests me! Zombie Ants

So I haven't done any news updates or anything, so I'll kick it off with a few...

There has to be some news that really interests me. Interests me in a way that it is unique and or weird/wacky. So I came across this one last week and have postponed posting it onto here, but finally have made some time to do so! It's about Zombie Ants! Seriously! Apparently there are these flies that attack only fire ants. The flies are like mother natures way of controlling the fire ant population. 

I HATE ants. I seriously do. I've done all sorts of things to ants when I was a kid and even now if I see them, I'll crush them or kick their mound over... So anyway, the flies land on top of the ant and place eggs in their head. When the eggs hatch, the maggots start eating away at the flies brain and the ant just kind of wanders around just as a zombie would if they were real.. lol...

Then when the fly is big enough, it bursts out of the ants head and flies away. People are looking at this fly as a way to lower the fire ant population and they are going to be testing it close to home... ;0) (In Texas) Ranchers complain about fire ants attacking live stock and such, so they are going to release the flies near/in or around ant mounds to start lowering the population completely.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Techno Freebie!!!! 05/13/09

Thank you amazon for all of the free songs that they have listed! You can download this for free and please do enjoy! It's a pretty good Techno song, that can definitely be played a party! :0)
Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The whole CD from earlier is now free to download!!

Remember that song that I blogged about earlier? Well... decided to make the entire CD free!! W00t w00t! So enjoy guys and gals... Download for free!!!! WOOOO!!! Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!! (Even though it's not Trance... ;0P) lol

Be back with more Trance tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trance freebies!!!

I chose these songs because they are available legally for free on I figured instead of trying to make money off of my blog, I will try to help the little man! haha.. :0P 

You can cycle through the playlist just like a CD by clicking on the buttons next to the play button. Remember! If you don't want to download the amazon downloader, there is an option below it that allows you to download the mp3 by itself!


1. Chris Chambers and Static Blue - Dynamica
2. Fast Distance - Heavens Melody
3. Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge - Time for Commitment
4. 4 Mal feat. Gliss - Time is Burning

I ordered them in my favorites from most favorite of the free songs to least favorite.

Menomena - Wet & Rusting

I know this isn't Trance, but it was a free song that I came across that I happened to like... I figured if I liked it and you're following my blog, then you'll like it as well... I think Hermes might like it and I think Maritza might as well.

I don't know how long it will be free for, but as of today... It's free!!!!!!

Now there are two ways of downloading it. You can download it through the amazon mp3 downloader, or you can download it as an mp3. To do that, you have to select the option that says "skip installation and continue" towards the bottom.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Up to date!!!

I got my aerogarden blog up to date. I've been writing everything down on paper and finally put in the effort to post it all. I hope it appeals to some of you! :0P

I've been playing LOTS of Halo since my PC has been down. Had some good games and some bad. All and all, it's been really fun actually! I'm still saving for a house with my girlfriend. I think we lowered our standards a bit. :0P You can't always get what you deserve. 

I'm still waiting on my raise at my job to kick in as well.. :0( It takes effect next month and also my incentive doubles, which I'm looking forward to. I'm finally starting to make some real money in life. I don't make much, but it's starting to add up and feel good.

I'll be back with more Trance! :0)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Google Profile Business cards!!!

I ordered mine already and I plan to write my blog on them and leave them at random places... haha... anyway you get 25 google profile cards for free... you don't have to pay anything! So that's pretty cool. I encourage everyone to go order them because they are only doing 10,000 people...!

I couldn't get a direct link because you have to sign into your google account.

So just google search "google profile" and create/edit it and you should see something at the top involving free business cards. Click it and follow the instructions and there you go! :0)

Enjoy... I still don't have my computer up yet, but soon.... soon...