Monday, May 25, 2009

Saudi court says it's okay to slap your wife!

I came across this a while ago.... I was looking at something at work and came across this.. I had a good lol. I should have posted it earlier, but oh well! :0P

So apparently if your wife spends too much money on something to cover her face with.. Well.. You have every right to slap her across the face.

One of my friends asked a woman that was from that culture and she didn't see what we thought was funny. She was just like that's how it is over there...

Which made me lol inside more.

Bitches be crazy.


  1. Lol!! I really enjoyed reading this one! I think it is true kinda. Woman should get bitched slapped for spending way too much! -snorts- XD

  2. Haha... Ahhh... You can't go too wrong with man-handling a woman.. ;0) haha