Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy Priest or Disc Priest???

So I'm redoing my talents to focus on more mana regen and more healing. What do I do? I came up with this for Holy/Disc and this for Disc/Holy. I'm gonna give the Disc/Holy one a shot for now. I'm likin all the mana regen it gives!! It might actually help a lot! I know this one was short, but I'm trying to farm some gold to get my enchanting up!!!! 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Starbucks "London Fog Tea Latte" Review plus story!

So I got to work early today to find out that there was no more coffee. Starbucks coffee is provided for free by the company I work for, but since its the end of the month all of it is gone! We should have more by the 1st of the month. So everyone asked if I would go to starbucks and get them something from there. Being the nice guy that I am, I replied with "sure!" Starbucks is like 2 blocks from my job, which was a very short drive.

I got everybodies drinks which totaled to 5 and went back to work for the delivery!

The armoa from the London Fog Tea Latte is wondrus! I wish I could say the same for the taste. To me, it tastes like lemon with milk and water... ugh! It also has this cool feel/taste to it although it is a hot drink. Just like the Green Tea Latte, I will never drink it again.

Pros: smells great, soothes throat a little, okay for a cold day

Cons: tastes almost like sour milk

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Approved housing program means I will be buying a house soon!!!

Now here in Houston if you buy a house that's $135000 or cheaper, the city will help you as long as you don't make $75000 a year or $150000 combined income a year. Now if you plan on buying a house, but don't know if you should... then I would suggest that you do and do it before December 1, 2009!!! The government will give you $8000 back next year or 10% whichever is least. I think this is a great incentive to buy a home. You could get a cheap foreclosed home and have it paid off in no time!!!

Now my girlfriend and I are undecided on whether or not we should buy a home that's cheaper than $135000 or if we should get something that's $160ish that may be bigger.... don't know. Smartest thing to do here would probably be to go with a home that's $135000 or less and just deal with it! We will get assistance from the city and then the $8000 from the government!

So in my eyes the incentive to buy is definitely going to encourage me to buy a home! His stimulus in the housing area has worked for me! Hah.

I don't even know where to start!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've started playing Travian again after about a year long break. I never thought I'd play it again, but with my current job it helps keep me entertained while working. I still had some gold left from the previous gameplay and transferred it here now. I'm glad iI kept that e-mail! I've gotten people that were attacking me to stop and so far they have! I asked them nicely and suggested that they attack other inactives and they did...! So far at least!

Now I focus everything on resources! I have a small army and have been farming the inactives around me as well. not getting so much, but it helps pay for the army and new buildings! All of my resources are now at least level 6 and I'm pulling in some pretty good resources per hour. ;0)

I wanna join a good alliance, but don't wanna just throw it out there! If other NK's were to play in the north east side, I would definitely start NK then!!!! Doubt it will happen though. So until then, I will be a lone wolf... ;0)

Starbucks hot Green Tea Latte

Well last night I had a hot Green Tea Latte for the first time and let me tell you... ugh! Maybe... just maybe it was too green for me! Haha.. The foam on the top was BAD! Usually I love the foam. I drank a little more than half of my venti drink and ended up throwing it away. Usually I can at least tolerate it and finish it, but I couldn't even do that this time! I will never get it again! I've never tasted anything that derived from Green tea that I didn't like!

I will be posting more of their drinks as I taste them. I have a personal friend that works there and will ask for some suggestions.

If you personally want me to try anything, just leave a comment and I will try it and write a review about it! Thanks!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The life of a holy priest

Since hitting level 80, I switched to Holy and started raiding. There have been some days that I can't be on all that much and well... Can only do my dailies and that's all. I've been grinding rep for two factions. 1. Sons of Hodir and 2. The Kala'uk. I also do the Cooking daily quest.

When I first learned about Sons of Hodir, started grinding it for the 22 slot bag recipee. I've now learned that they offer the best shoulder enchants in the game! As I type this, I have 925/21000 with them to Exalted. I'm closer with the Kala'uk, but The SoH might come sooner!!! Also I'm almost done with all of my current end game cooking recipees. Only 6 more.