Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've started playing Travian again after about a year long break. I never thought I'd play it again, but with my current job it helps keep me entertained while working. I still had some gold left from the previous gameplay and transferred it here now. I'm glad iI kept that e-mail! I've gotten people that were attacking me to stop and so far they have! I asked them nicely and suggested that they attack other inactives and they did...! So far at least!

Now I focus everything on resources! I have a small army and have been farming the inactives around me as well. not getting so much, but it helps pay for the army and new buildings! All of my resources are now at least level 6 and I'm pulling in some pretty good resources per hour. ;0)

I wanna join a good alliance, but don't wanna just throw it out there! If other NK's were to play in the north east side, I would definitely start NK then!!!! Doubt it will happen though. So until then, I will be a lone wolf... ;0)

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