Monday, February 23, 2009

The life of a holy priest

Since hitting level 80, I switched to Holy and started raiding. There have been some days that I can't be on all that much and well... Can only do my dailies and that's all. I've been grinding rep for two factions. 1. Sons of Hodir and 2. The Kala'uk. I also do the Cooking daily quest.

When I first learned about Sons of Hodir, started grinding it for the 22 slot bag recipee. I've now learned that they offer the best shoulder enchants in the game! As I type this, I have 925/21000 with them to Exalted. I'm closer with the Kala'uk, but The SoH might come sooner!!! Also I'm almost done with all of my current end game cooking recipees. Only 6 more.

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