Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I just got a domain!!!

Due to my minor popularity, I will be moving to www.trance104.com. should be done by tomorrow! I'm a little excited, but it cost me some money! That's okay though, because I do it for you guys... and gals... :0P

And cats dogs frogs etc...

Monday, March 30, 2009


I'm super sick! I don't know why, but I feel like crap! My body is aching all over and I have a fever.. :0( I don't know what to do... So... I am going to cut this one short.. :0\

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wow!!!!! i love my girlfriend

Just lettin anyone that cares know that I super duper love my girlfriend and I don't know what id do without her!

Microblog for the win!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Conficker C

Now listen here and listen well. I know the person that has started great justice of a program. They want computers to be more secure and by doing so, they will make some money until things are perfect before they are given to the general public.

The 4/01/09 that was found in the code, was not the date that the scam will happen, but it is a section of criminal code. 4-1-9.

Why are they doing this you might ask? Because of large corporations that screw the little man into buying a product that doesn't fully work and is not 100% reliable. So they want their piece of the pie so to speak. Its all a scam.

The email that is provided is but a dummy email to collect funds from.

Now, if we do not achieve $1,000,000 cash donated by the end of march, unheard of things will happen.

@Microsoft $250,000? That's all? All I can say is lawl.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stayed up late playing WoW!

ugh! I don't know why I do this to myself, but I NEED MORE ITEMS!!!! I got a 22 slot dragon hide bag... Which I guess isn't bad, BUT I could have gotten some gear which would have made me happier! Oh well! God I love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, but love, but hate, them!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Addicted to peanut M&M's!!!

My girlfriend baught me a little snack recently. M&M's with peanuts...they are the SHIT! I'm happy she got them for me. They are perfect for gaming or working! Anything computer related too! (Blogging) she baught me a 12oz bag and I finished it in 2 days. Do I need help? Haha... I m not fat... I'm pretty skinny actually, but eat plenty of things to get fat, but never gain weight.

I just need a good woman to cook for me like 27 days out of the month. (Hint hint mayra)


Monday, March 23, 2009

A new look on life! ;0P

On saturday I picked up my glasses and wow... They are amazing!!!! The look is okay, but the outlook is amazing! I haven't seen the way I am able to see now in a long time!!!! I can see from far away and everything!

My head is still adjusting though and I get dizzy and have some minor headaches... I'm getting used to it though. All in time! I did a lot this weekend too... I will post about it later though! ;0)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Live off of my blog?

I wonder if this will ever be possible? You hear about people generating a good stream of income off of blogging and other web stuff. I'm new to the scene so to say... I've learned a lot through google adsense and all the different ways they allow you to make money. Its pretty interesting. Now I need some dedicated fans!!! Haha... three isn't enough! Maybe I should do more resturant reviews... or drink reviews.... who knows!!!

I have another blog idea, but it would involve me having a team of people that live in Houston. I feel pretty confident that it could become popular... I just need everyone to work together! Only one friend is interested. Oh well.... I want at least 2 friends plus myself. We will see how it turns out! All of us put together have everything we need... badass camera... mini cam.... and a HUGE amount of creativity and artistic talent.

I hope they seriously consider it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama administration not as big a liar as Bush...

So far the Obama administration and Obama himself have lied and not stuck with his "promises". The illegal phone taps that the bush admin started is.... well... guess...! STILL GOING ON. Obama is still allowing agents to break the constitution. Anyway aside from him being a COMPLETE liar, he has finally taken a step in the right direction with slowing down/stopping illegal raids on medical marijuana dispensiaries. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, its a business that sells marijuana to people with prescriptions from their doctor that say they need it. There are currently 13(?) States that offer legal medical marijuana.

So they were raiding what they believed were somewhat illegal drug dealers and jailed them. To me its all a fear tactic. They have guns and vests on and break down your door. Hold a gun to the back of your head and make you feel worthless/scared. Waste of government money. No wonder people hold bank accounts in other countries. They don't want to fund the USA terrorists.

Ugh. Bitches with power be crazy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travian update!

Well all resource fields are at level 9 and one of each resource is at level 10. I'm establishing a small defense army and plan to do a,azing things with them... like defend... I will be starting my second city soon, so.... yay!

I've picked out some really good 15 croppers that aren't far away.... so... I hope no one has ninjad them... :0P

Not much else to say... I haven't been attacked lately, so now I'm focusing on other stuff.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

California close to legalizing Marijuana!!! Well done!

California is the closest state to full-blown legalization! The bill proposed states that you have to be 21 to purchase and smoke marijuana. They are going down the right path! Cali is about to make a lot of money if this bill get passed. A lot more businesses will open up as well. Hell... I'd move there, grow, and supply a business if this was to pass. Then I could live off of my own business and start one of my other farming business ideas that I have! My other idea does NOT involve marijuana! It's a great idea though, so I can't share it with anyone until it happens! Unless someone wants to give me like $200,000. Then we might be able to work something out. My idea does benefit man-kind by the way and I know it will work. Hopefully I can sway some of my more financially relaxed readers to donate my way.. haha.. 

Anyway if this does get passed in cali, the production of Hemp is going to take over the country. Hemp is illegal to grow in the great US of A, but it is not illegal to import. That's why you see hemp lotions and other hemp products (hemp bagels *ugh*). We are well on our way to freedom... One state at a time.

If only Texas would just sit back and think about things with whatever little common sense they MIGHT have.

Le Petit Paris authentic French Bakery review plus story!

On Sunday, my girlfriend and I decided to help the economy a bit by going to Old Navy and using a 30% off coupon that I had. I got a few items and my girlfriend got something too. After that, we went to Bath & Body works because we had a coupon to try a "signature collection" item that they just came out with. It smelled okay, but it was free with a $10 purchase. So we got that and I got something that helps your room smell good. Kind of like one of those things you plug into the wall.

All those coupons made us hungry, so we decided to stop at a small French restaurant and we just ordered a little chicken dish for both of us to eat from. It cost us (really me, because I'm like all over here... :0P ) $8.00. The guy that tended us seemed like he was the owner and was very nice about splitting the one meal into two. I ordered a coke, which cost me $1.50 and my girlfriend ordered some tea which also cost $1.50, but came with refills. The coke was a 16.9 oz bottle, so it wasn't THAT bad... 
The chicken was VERY good and the spices were perfect. The n00dles were VERY good as well. It was actually a very good meal. The only bad part about it was the... Well.... Ice!!! The ice tasted like really bad freezer water ice. That was the only bad part about the meal. So i just drank my Coke out of the bottle instead...

Now for dessert!!!

Tiramisu!!! It was extremely good! It had all the right stuff! It tasted very fresh although I can not tell you when it was made. It did however taste great and I will get it again if I visit there again. 

First time home buyer assistance sux! I am too rich to own a home!

Apparently you have to be dirt poor to get any help from the city or county. Former president Bush being the great man that he is, got rid of all the down payment assistance grants that non-profit organizations offered to people. Yay! Now look at the housing market. It SUCKS. You take away money from people, then people stop buying stuff.

Apparently I am too "rich" to qualify for any help from the city. I am just PULLING in the money. Seriosuly. That's why I own like three or four houses, right? I don't even own one. My car is all fucked up too. I barely have any money put aside and I only have that money there because of personal reasons. Now I'm struggling to save.

Gas doesn't get cheaper.... my gf and I don't go out much... we just hang out and play on the computer. We look at homes, but we just make too much money to own one. I really want to buy a house and get married, but........... no money... heh. The little that I have just isn't cutting it. I don't even buy games anymore... :0/ I don't play my xbox... I just play on the computer and try not to drive anywhere. That's the life of a rich man apparently!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Late blog entries!!!!

Okay, so I got promoted at my job (yay) and I have been training... all last week... so normally I blog when I work. (I'm horrible, I know). That's why I haven't done anything lately. I have a resturant review ready, so ill do that one when I get home. Sorry to make this one short, but there's more work with my new posistion!!!!!

Can't stop the Trance!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saltgrass Steakhouse

The best Steakhouse in Houston! In my opinion that is..... I ordered the filet mignon, which I rarely do! I deserve it though! :0P Their bread that they give you before you eat is the best! Better than Outback for sure!!! I got a really good potatoe soup as well! It was cheesy with potatoes and little bacon bits... MMMMM! I also ordered fried mushrooms for an appetizer and they were great! My girlfriends sister ordered some spinach and artichoke dip and.... well.... it was pretty good actually! I never tried it and would have never ordered it on my own... so thank you Caro... :0P

I got my filet mignon and could tell right away that the quality was wayyyyyy better than the standard cut. The asparagus was great and the sauteed mushrooms were as well! I haven't been there in a longgggg time!

It was great! As expected.......!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

My girlfriend suggested that I try the Chai Tea Latte and said that it was really good! As I was waiting in line, random white guy told me that it was really good too! So now I was like super-pumped!

I got it and it smelled good! I tasted the foam, and it didn't taste that great... I was like okay, that's just the foam! So I got to the drink and well... It isn't that great... It has these almost... Spicey tasting herbs... The milk in my opinion doesn't go great with it... I'd rather have the vanilla one.. Or just some good ol' hot chocolate with extra whipped cream! MMmmmmm....

Pros: Spicy-herby taste , smells good!
Cons: Too strong in my opinion, and it didn't taste THAT great with milk!

WoW gold farming...!

So I've decided that a holy priest isn't pulling in money fast enough for my liking... I don't even think a shadow priest would suffice! So I've decided that an Orc Death Knight will be perfect. I'm going to focus on high DPS, along with some AoE DPS. Hopefully this will work great, but that means I have to get to 80 again... at least this time its only from level 55... ;0)

I will probably farm the eternal lifes and such just so I can sell them and also mail them to trancee... probably farm the relics of ulduar too because you can get a ton of mobs at once and even get good silver drops with some grays and greens. With an occasional blue. I also know there is a lot of mining spots there and cloth drops.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rock Band game... Beatles edition!

I can already see it... 50 year old men and women going to walmart, purchasing this game and an xbox 360. Taking it home, hooking it up, and getting HIGHHHHHHHHH.... ;0) hahaha... its so going to happen.... :0P

I wonder when it will be released!!! I doubt that I will buy it, but I do think its a great idea!

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iranian woman gets an eye for an eye.

I was reading yahoo news and came across this... I think its great that she won her court case and that they have this sort of punishment... the only thing is that since she is a woman, 2 of her eyes only count as 1 of his since men are superior to women. But hey she gets to drip acid into one of his eyes! If I was her, I would love to do that.

I'm all for an eye for an eye. It promotes common sense and respect amongst one another! Think about it....

Finally Exalted with SoH!!!

It's been a long line of dailies that I've had to do, but I finally got all the rep needed to be at 21000/21000. This was the first faction that I've ever been exalted with, which gave me the achievement "somebody likes me". I should be finished with the Kala'uk in like 2 days as well! How exciting... :0D Then I want to get my fishing up while getting as many of the fishing achievements as possible!!! I wanna get all of the fishing and cooking achievements just for the hell of it! I actually enjoy those two skills... :0P

Ill keep you updated....

Teens "Sexting"?????

Omg what is the world coming to????? These already sexually active teens are sending nude photos of themselves to each other????? What??? My god what an outrage! Lol...

So apparently there is some hype about this because news reporters have done some "investigating" as they call it, to find whether it is true or not! Apparently its true and its done and has been done for a while now since technology got better.

This wasn't happening when I was in high school! Text messaging wasn't even popular and picture messages were unheard of! Seems like I missed out on these "sex-crazed" teens that we have now-a-days... lol... ahh...

As sXe Phil says.... "Bitches be crazy"

Happy (belated) Square Root day!!!

Yesterday was square root day! 3/3/9! The exciting part about it is that there won't be another one until 4/4/16!!! So happy belated birthday to square root day and happy birthday to all of the square root babies! All of the newborns that were born yesterday should get some kind of math scholarship for college! According to the 2002 us census, that's 13000 births in the U.S. with Tuesday being the most popular day! What a coincidence! 3/3/9 was a Tuesday. Is something up? Tell me what you think! ;0)

4/4/16 will be a Monday... so these 3/3/9 babies must be special...!

The next math day will be pi day! Which is coming up on 3.14! Haha... march 14th! Have a drink for math days! Yayyyyy!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My girlfriend and I make an Organic pizza!!!

Well mostly organic that is! Upon leaving Whole Foods Market, we realized that we had forgotten cheese and pepperonis!!! Oh well, we ended up grabbing some from Wal-Mart. We followed two different instructions from other bloggers online that blogged about making a pizza from scratch.

We followed this persons instructions for making the dough: Honey dough.We made everything by hand starting with prepping the dough. We had to let it sit for a few hours after we were done to let it expand and what-not.

While letting the dough sit, we started making the tomatoe sauce. We sort of based our sauce on this recipe. Instead of buying canned tomatoe paste, we baught 5 organic tomatoes. I wasn't sure how to go about making sauce from them, so I decided to blend them! It turned out really watery, but that wasn't a problem. I diced up an onion and some garlic, then threw it in with the sauce. I then poured the liquidy goo into a pot and turned the stove on to high. I added the 2 tablespoons of basil and the 2 table spoons of dried Oregano. I couldn't get Kosher salt and by the time I was making sauce, I completely forgot to add salt!!! Even though I forgot the salt, I think the best thing that I made was the sauce!! I waited until most of the water had boiled out, leaving me with the fresh tomatoe and herbs! Mmmmmm!!!

After prepping the sauce, it was time to flatten the dough ball, sauce it, top it, then stick it in the oven!!! We let it bake for about 15 minutes and here you have it!!! Honey doughed pepperoni pizza! All made from simple ingredients at home! It was one of the best pizzas I had ever had, plus it's all organic. You can't go wrong there!

Thanks for reading. :0)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee review

When I first started working my job, I wasn't big on drinking coffee. My job offers us Starbucks coffee for free, so I decided to drink a ttle bit a day. We get two choices; house blend and breakfast blend. House blend isn't all that great... its not that strong and the aroma isn't much of a "waker-upper". It took me some time to get adjusted to breakfast blend, but its pretty good now! I was never really a coffee drinker, but it does help me in those mornings where I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping!!! Sometimes I've noticed that it even helps me get through my sleepyness after lunch!

Now I only drink 1 cup a day 5 days a week unless I don't have to work. I was on vacation recently and I didn't have any coffee at all! So its just a work thing. Now about the coffee...

Breakfast Blend is a great wake-me-up coffee! It can be strong with less milk or just perfect with enough creamer and sugar. The aroma is wonderful and the smell alone is sure to wake you up a bit! The taste is great and easy to take down.

Pros: wake you up, keep you up, smells wonderful
Cons: keeps you up (can be bad)

Remember this is brewed by myself while I am at work. So this doesn't come straight from a starbuck employee. Haha...