Thursday, March 26, 2009

Conficker C

Now listen here and listen well. I know the person that has started great justice of a program. They want computers to be more secure and by doing so, they will make some money until things are perfect before they are given to the general public.

The 4/01/09 that was found in the code, was not the date that the scam will happen, but it is a section of criminal code. 4-1-9.

Why are they doing this you might ask? Because of large corporations that screw the little man into buying a product that doesn't fully work and is not 100% reliable. So they want their piece of the pie so to speak. Its all a scam.

The email that is provided is but a dummy email to collect funds from.

Now, if we do not achieve $1,000,000 cash donated by the end of march, unheard of things will happen.

@Microsoft $250,000? That's all? All I can say is lawl.

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  1. It's you isn't it! I'm collecting the ransom.