Monday, March 2, 2009

Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee review

When I first started working my job, I wasn't big on drinking coffee. My job offers us Starbucks coffee for free, so I decided to drink a ttle bit a day. We get two choices; house blend and breakfast blend. House blend isn't all that great... its not that strong and the aroma isn't much of a "waker-upper". It took me some time to get adjusted to breakfast blend, but its pretty good now! I was never really a coffee drinker, but it does help me in those mornings where I don't feel like doing anything but sleeping!!! Sometimes I've noticed that it even helps me get through my sleepyness after lunch!

Now I only drink 1 cup a day 5 days a week unless I don't have to work. I was on vacation recently and I didn't have any coffee at all! So its just a work thing. Now about the coffee...

Breakfast Blend is a great wake-me-up coffee! It can be strong with less milk or just perfect with enough creamer and sugar. The aroma is wonderful and the smell alone is sure to wake you up a bit! The taste is great and easy to take down.

Pros: wake you up, keep you up, smells wonderful
Cons: keeps you up (can be bad)

Remember this is brewed by myself while I am at work. So this doesn't come straight from a starbuck employee. Haha...

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