Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Le Petit Paris authentic French Bakery review plus story!

On Sunday, my girlfriend and I decided to help the economy a bit by going to Old Navy and using a 30% off coupon that I had. I got a few items and my girlfriend got something too. After that, we went to Bath & Body works because we had a coupon to try a "signature collection" item that they just came out with. It smelled okay, but it was free with a $10 purchase. So we got that and I got something that helps your room smell good. Kind of like one of those things you plug into the wall.

All those coupons made us hungry, so we decided to stop at a small French restaurant and we just ordered a little chicken dish for both of us to eat from. It cost us (really me, because I'm like all over here... :0P ) $8.00. The guy that tended us seemed like he was the owner and was very nice about splitting the one meal into two. I ordered a coke, which cost me $1.50 and my girlfriend ordered some tea which also cost $1.50, but came with refills. The coke was a 16.9 oz bottle, so it wasn't THAT bad... 
The chicken was VERY good and the spices were perfect. The n00dles were VERY good as well. It was actually a very good meal. The only bad part about it was the... Well.... Ice!!! The ice tasted like really bad freezer water ice. That was the only bad part about the meal. So i just drank my Coke out of the bottle instead...

Now for dessert!!!

Tiramisu!!! It was extremely good! It had all the right stuff! It tasted very fresh although I can not tell you when it was made. It did however taste great and I will get it again if I visit there again. 

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