Friday, March 20, 2009

Live off of my blog?

I wonder if this will ever be possible? You hear about people generating a good stream of income off of blogging and other web stuff. I'm new to the scene so to say... I've learned a lot through google adsense and all the different ways they allow you to make money. Its pretty interesting. Now I need some dedicated fans!!! Haha... three isn't enough! Maybe I should do more resturant reviews... or drink reviews.... who knows!!!

I have another blog idea, but it would involve me having a team of people that live in Houston. I feel pretty confident that it could become popular... I just need everyone to work together! Only one friend is interested. Oh well.... I want at least 2 friends plus myself. We will see how it turns out! All of us put together have everything we need... badass camera... mini cam.... and a HUGE amount of creativity and artistic talent.

I hope they seriously consider it.

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