Tuesday, March 17, 2009

California close to legalizing Marijuana!!! Well done!

California is the closest state to full-blown legalization! The bill proposed states that you have to be 21 to purchase and smoke marijuana. They are going down the right path! Cali is about to make a lot of money if this bill get passed. A lot more businesses will open up as well. Hell... I'd move there, grow, and supply a business if this was to pass. Then I could live off of my own business and start one of my other farming business ideas that I have! My other idea does NOT involve marijuana! It's a great idea though, so I can't share it with anyone until it happens! Unless someone wants to give me like $200,000. Then we might be able to work something out. My idea does benefit man-kind by the way and I know it will work. Hopefully I can sway some of my more financially relaxed readers to donate my way.. haha.. 

Anyway if this does get passed in cali, the production of Hemp is going to take over the country. Hemp is illegal to grow in the great US of A, but it is not illegal to import. That's why you see hemp lotions and other hemp products (hemp bagels *ugh*). We are well on our way to freedom... One state at a time.

If only Texas would just sit back and think about things with whatever little common sense they MIGHT have.

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