Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back at it with some news that interests me! Zombie Ants

So I haven't done any news updates or anything, so I'll kick it off with a few...

There has to be some news that really interests me. Interests me in a way that it is unique and or weird/wacky. So I came across this one last week and have postponed posting it onto here, but finally have made some time to do so! It's about Zombie Ants! Seriously! Apparently there are these flies that attack only fire ants. The flies are like mother natures way of controlling the fire ant population. 

I HATE ants. I seriously do. I've done all sorts of things to ants when I was a kid and even now if I see them, I'll crush them or kick their mound over... So anyway, the flies land on top of the ant and place eggs in their head. When the eggs hatch, the maggots start eating away at the flies brain and the ant just kind of wanders around just as a zombie would if they were real.. lol...

Then when the fly is big enough, it bursts out of the ants head and flies away. People are looking at this fly as a way to lower the fire ant population and they are going to be testing it close to home... ;0) (In Texas) Ranchers complain about fire ants attacking live stock and such, so they are going to release the flies near/in or around ant mounds to start lowering the population completely.

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