Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dug: The Talking Dog.. :0)

Dug: The talking dog behind the scenes video.

Make sure to watch it in HD!

I couldn't embed the video, so there is the link.... When I first saw the preview for the movie Up, I was like... Alright... That doesn't look so bad.... I liked how the creativity looked and how the scenes and colors all went well together with a little story.

Then I saw this dog in one of the commercials and lol'd at how true it could be... So I looked into it more and found out that his name is Dug the dog and they did a mini-behind the scenes type thing on him. So I linked that for all to watch. He's all too funny and I love the creativity behind it!! Ahh... Dug has truely made me want to go watch the movie now! I will probably surprise my gf with it at Studio Movie Grill or something... If she doesn't read this first that is.. haha.. ;0)

I'll come back with a review for the movie to see if it lives up to all of its commercialized hype! ;0)

Can't stop the Trance! Dance!! DANCE!!!


  1. dude seriously...Ive been checking back and forth for updates and all I keep seeing it Dug the muthafucking talking dog. Im over that son of a bitch. Update please sir.
    Avid Reader

  2. HEY LOOK HERE MR! I happen to appreciate Dug. He is a FINE dog! I am also far from home, so things are harder!