Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to play Ultima Online for free....

Go to http://www.uo.com/uoml/downloads.shtml and click on the "here" in the first option which is "Download from FTP". The download should pop-up asking you to save or what have you. I save it personally, just in case of whatever. It's also small enough to back up onto a CD. After you are done downloading it, install it. The default directory is fine.

Now go to http://www.runuo.com/razor/download.php and click on "RAZOR (Latest Version)" and select run.

Now that you have those two installed, you want to open razor and leave all of the settings default. The only thing you want to change is Server. Click on the drop down next to it and select: UOGamers: Hybrid (UOR). Then click okay and UO should load right up.

Account is set-up to auto-account, which means that you just type whatever screen name and password you want and if it's available, it will log you in.

Then you can create your own character and do what you want from there...!

Enjoy.. ;0)

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