Sunday, June 21, 2009

Computer Trouble... and happy fathers day!

Finally...! My computer is fixed. I figured out that with an Acer computer, it has an option to restore to factory default. One of the best options ever! It took me like 3 hours, but I'm back up and running now! You have to hold alt and press F-10 at startup and it will take you to some menu then just select the option! I'm so happy now... w00t!

Happy fathers day goes out to all the dads! Happy fathers day to my daddy... I got him an gift certificate because I'm gay (not really, but lol)... I can't think of anything that I could get him anyway.. He would be able to get whatever he wants with it!


  1. lol! Hey that is one of the best gifts you can get someone! Then they don't have to return a corny gift you baught. :P

  2. I wish he would pay for my school..