Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mexico/Texas - Drugs/Steroids

Mexico to decriminalize all drugs. In this article written in the Seattle Times, the very first paragraph shows you how the media can "affect" the masses. "Will Mexican cities become Latin Amsterdams, flooded by drug users seeking penalty-free tokes and toots?" I stopped reading the article after that first paragraph. Don't buy into the bullshit people. They target Amsterdam like they are a bunch of CRAZY ANTI-GOVERNMENT foriegners, when really they are probably living a better life than we are. I don't say that because marijuana is legal in some parts over there. It's just the true meaning of being "free". I can run numbers and show you how many more deaths there are in the U.S. as opposed to Amsterdam, and I can show you how many more years they live longer than us. I can show you how their infant-survival ratio is higher than ours, but I shouldn't have to. America isn't hell, but we are just misguided by our superiors who want to tell us that we can't do something just because they put it into law. Oh and on a slightly different subject, did you hear about that "HUGE" steroid bust? Now those are some BAD people. Omg, they are taking steroids!!!!!!!!!! QUICKLY PUT THEM IN JAIL!

I feel better now that we put those menaces to society behind bars. About 70+ people were arrested in that. It's fucking rediculous. What is going on in the officers heads? They just want to be a part of something and feel like they are contributing. You should have to go to jail for a year if you want to be a police officer. Maybe 3 years if you want to be a DA and 5 years if you want to be a judge. I bet you that would make people reconsider what they do and how the "people in power" ruin other peoples lives. Arresting someone for steroids? Come on... They must be afraid that those people are just going to turn green and grow abnormally. Haven't had a longer blog like this in a while. Just my thoughts on the powers that be. Not all are bad. Some just misjudge laws.


  1. Eh, I think you're overestimating things. Keeping drugs IN America is probably better for the country overall. Especially the major drugs, such as cocaine or heroine... It keeps controllable people in power.

    Think about it, the CIA could probably bust every drug ring in the country, if they WANTED to. The DEA and FBI are only fronts put in place to make the public think that the government is doing anything. Which they are... If you call busting steroid users a favor to the world.

    As for Mexico legalising all drugs, it'll hardly change anything. Whether drugs are legal or not, people who don't take drugs aren't going to start taking them. Although, it might cause more than a few sources to start churning out heavy supplies to be imported into America. And eventually into people's bloodstreams.

  2. ...and eventually will turn Mexico into a place of power.. lol