Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rock Band Bealtes & Taxing Marijuana

Rock Band
Just a quick little follow-up to the Rock Band Beatles edition game that's coming out. They put together a nice little website and it will be released in less than a month!
So check it out and rock out with your....?.... Out! 09/09/09

California and Marijuana
Is California a part of the USA??? I mean it's pretty freakin liberal over there, which don't get me wrong... It's a great thing. I love all things natural... I wouldn't be going to school for Biology if I didn't!

So by 2010, Oakland, California (and other cities I'm sure) will be taxing Marijuana. Some people may say that it's a bad thing, but it's actually a BIG step in the right direction! They already pull in more sales taxes by selling Marijuana, but if they impose a Cannabis tax, that means they would be looking at it like Cigarettes or alcohol. Either way it's a much needed step in the right direction.

Good job Cali, one day I might move there! ;0)

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  1. Careful what you wish for there trance. Taxes are a dangerous game masterminded by the corporate elite for their own gain. Remember, it wasn't murder or alcohol that brought down Al Capone, it was taxes. I'm not saying go out and be a criminal or it's ok to be a criminal. I just think we need to allow people to grow and perhaps profit from it without having too many regulations. Getting a liquor liscense in most states now it a pain and many times seems to boil down to how much money are you going to kick back to the city to get what you want. Talk about the mob mentality. Kicking up to the bosses. Anyway, only time will tell and it will probably end up like everything else that is taxed in this country. Spaking of which, I know tobacco is terrible for a person, however that is a personal choice. Taxes on tobacco products continue to be inflated. hHaving to pay 6 dollars a pack was one of the reasons I finally quit, not to mention my health of course. One of the biggest problems with tobacco is not the plant itself, it's the method it is manufactured and then supplied to the masses. In sweeden there is a product called snus. Because the process that is used to prepare the tobacco, there are basically 0, that's right zero, cases of cancer due to tobacco. You are still going to have problems with vaso constriction and other side effects of the niccotine, but you aren't going to lose your face because of cancer and/or die! Amazing isn't it. So why don't they change here? Ask the big bosses making all the money!