Saturday, August 15, 2009

Travian & My house (to be?)

Ahh... Travian... A great little imaginary game with pictures and numbers. No chance, pure power. Travian is one of those great little browser games that you can play whenever you want, but do things in real time.

I currently play server 4 ( and am ranked 345 out of about 11000. I'm doing quite well for just the beginning of the server. I won't get into specifics, but I have a good defense and a great economy. I farm people that no longer play and don't start shit with my neighbors. I also started Negative Karma (NK). NK is raNKed 277 out of 669. We currently consist of 4 members, and only 1 of them I don't know irl.

I play a defensive game style and will be expanding soon. Most likely to 3 villages. My resource per hour production is almost maxxed out! :0)

I got pre approved for a house and may be moving into one soon. Just have to find one that me and my gf see as being perfect.. :0P

That's the website we use for our Greater Houston area house search. It's a great site.

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