Monday, August 3, 2009


Or…. if you haven’t come across this website you SHOULD… not only will it make you giggle or wiggle it might just boost your self esteem. It’s a website or blog where you or anyone can post an event, situation, misinterpretation, translation, even your sex education that has come across you. Most of these are embarrassing, hilarious or sad. Some of these short stories sure make you appreciate your life even more. For example I came across this one statement where the girl asked her boyfriend to choose between being with her or keep playing world of warcraft…. The guy chose wow because it made him happier!There’s also another web TFLN text from last night…. People post outrageous text messages they’ve received.This is what you will come across when you have a close one that is JOB-LESS!

My gf wrote this for me.. lol... I <3 her!

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