Thursday, April 9, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Pirated?)

That's right! The May 1, 2009 release, has been exposed on the internet. You can now watch the movie online for free. If you actually care it that is...

So yeah... check out x men origins wolverine online... just thought id let y'all know!


  1. So, I love that you have a Jonas brothers advertisement link on your page. Man, you rule! Can you get me a bootleg of one of their concerts. I came to your site looking for Jonas brothers information. What's up?

    By the way mastermind, what's your real opinion about authority figures? I noticed you had some strong comments about the "pig" in your previous post.

  2. I respect authority, but there are all too many times where authority doesn't respect us. So yes, that bellaire officer is a pig. He had no right to shoot someone without his own life being in danger. He made the choice to pull the trigger, now someone will have to pay the price.

    Also, the leaked version of this movie doesn't have all of the special effects in and is a little amusing actually... :0)